What is a Dangling Modifier?

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  A dangling modifier is a phrase or word that alters the meaning of another phrase or word. These include adjectives, adverbs, and other modifying phrases and clauses. When modifying a word or phrase, you have to be very careful … Continued

Onomatopoeia List

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    One thing I’ve always enjoyed in writing is onomatopoeia. There’s just something about words like squish or plopped that just grabs your attention as a reader on a level so much more than something like, “the giant man-eating … Continued

Writing in Weird Places

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From in the shower, to bathroom stalls, to in the porch while locked out of the house . . . What’s the weirdest place you’ve done it? Writing that is, you perv! I’ve always been against the idea of ‘ritualistic … Continued

Writing Update #June 2016

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Another long month of editing and constant man flus (it’s a real symptom, look it up!) Moonstruck and Monsters have come a long way but still need more work until I’m happy with them. Mostly tweaking some formatting and issues I … Continued

Writing Update #May 2016

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Writing Update May 2016 This month, I’ve been slowing down my writing. By choice? Not so much. My work breaks have changed from 1 hour to 30 mins so I’ve lost a good chunk of time I used to dedicate … Continued

Importance of Leaving Reviews

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You’ve probably seen writers asking their readers to leave reviews of their work at places like Amazon or Goodreads; if you read any self-published stuff, you’ve undoubtedly seen the call-to-action that is almost always at the end of any ebook: … Continued