Monster Hunter Extraordinaire (Book Two)

Monster hunting is hard. Really hard. As it turns out, faking being a monster hunter isn’t quite as easy as I’d thought.

A new threat stirs in the shadows, drawing deadlines across the city, one of which will either kill me or make my bank account that bit more luscious.

It’s time to show these monsters what a grossly overpaid, and under-qualified monster hunter can do.

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The Rot and Death


There are only two things certain in the world anymore: the Rot and Death.

Ever since the Redeemer came, he brought forth the Rot. The world is now a plague-ridden wasteland. Those infected are slowly turning into little more than shambling corpses. The idea of anyone being Pure anymore feels like a myth.

Life for Braxton wasn’t all that great, even before he began dying from the Rot. Now, his family may be the only Pure left. The last hope for this world.

Braxton must do what it takes to save his family and find the cure before the Rot takes hold. Even if it means selling the last part of humanity he has left.

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Monster Hunter Extraordinaire (Book One)

Monster Hunter Extraordinaire. Or at least, that’s what the card says . . .

My name’s Hugo. I live in a tiny house with my buddy Medium Mac and our adorable little Hellhound Rover. People pay me for what I would consider pretty menial work, but I suppose all of us have to pay the bills somehow.

Did I mention I hunt monsters for a living?

Okay, maybe hunting is a bit strong of a word. Then again, I’m the only one in the city doing this kind of work. It doesn’t matter if I know what I’m doing or not. In my expertise, it’s all trial and error. You think learning that vampires don’t like garlic was deliberate? Or that wooden stakes are the only things that can kill them? As I’ve learned, desperation can sometimes yield just what you were looking for.

Life was going pretty okay until I took a case from a mysterious old man. Rather than extort and ridiculously overcharge him, I may have inadvertently released a paycheck-affecting, interdimensional, border-jumping monster menace of Turipads, hell-bent on overthrowing my entire city. Looks like this case is going to need a lot more than simply a, “Woops, my bad” to fix.

It’s time for me to become the pay-by-the-hour hero this city needs.

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Watchers Series: Moonstruck

They watch. They protect. They are blind.

The Watchers have always been shrouded in mystery, spoken only in superstition and hushed whispers. Augmented humans, handpicked from the proud noble families of the Homelands; it is their sacred duty to watch over us from afar, serving as the Great Tzar’s eyes as we colonise the stars. Using the gift of Sight, they stand vigil, forever watching for threats on this realm and the next. But what happens when these eyes turn blind? When power corrupts, who watches the Watchers?

The traitorous adopted children of the war god are back, bringing destruction and terror in their wake. With the planet Gorbek in ruins, they set to a mysterious task: to build a heinous tower of monumental proportions to the skies.

For glory. For prophecy. For ritual.

Time is ticking down as an ancient evil stirs from its slumber. The Watchers must put aside their differences. Or watch the consequences.

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Rage is the glue, the fabric of society. Tap into your hate addiction and let yourself live. Become the monster that society wants you to be. That deep down, you want to be.

Meet Peter Clayton: rage dealer. For a price, he organizes what he innocently calls ‘Playdates’, giving ordinary people with anger problems a chance to connect with others — by beating them within an inch of their lives. The ‘date’ goes home with a few bruises, and a wad of cash, if he or she goes home at all.

How long before one of them overdoses on rage? Can you really control someone who is addicted?

Peter soon learns that he has created more than just rage addicts; he has created monsters who are hell-bent on destroying everything.

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